My name is James McDonald and I am a senior post production artist. I work in the advertising industry and specialise in computer-generated imagery (CGI), creative photographic retouching and post production pipeline development. I excel at anticipating production problems and developing solutions to ensure the the problems never eventuate. 

I am a freelance artist traditionally based in Sydney, Australia however I am now living abroad with a completely location independent lifestyle. There is so much to experience that working in one place was simply not going to cut it!

Previously I have held the roles of senior CGI artist at Prodigious Brand Logistics where I worked for major global brands and the Head of 3D and Retouching at BMF Advertising where I lead a team of artists and on some of the biggest national accounts.

I take on projects of all shapes and sizes and pride myself on my ability to deliver the large-scale results of a bigger studio for a fraction of the price. I am experienced at many forms of digital art andhave also worked in many photographic studios. I am very familiar with the entire production workflow from pre through to post. 

I excel at developing teams and pipelines which can scale according to the scope of the job. This ensures that every dollar is spent on achieving your vision as efficiently and economically as possible.

Along with my Bachelor of Digital Media degree, I am also trained in Visual Effects and CGI from the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School, which has given me a very thorough grasp of the creative pipeline from start to finish. I work in a range of industry-standard software, including Adobe Photoshop (and the related Creative Suite), The Foundry’s Modo and Nuke, and Autodesk Maya, which allows for easy collaboration with existing workflows.

In my down time, you will usually find me in the remotest places of the world sailing the high seas (if you are a sailor, we will get along fantastically!), angling for my next catch or rocketing along on my beloved motorcycle. I am always up for a chat, so if you want to talk about anything from a project to the weather, feel free to drop me a line or shoot me an email.