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Its about time we gave a damn:

I am very glad you have stopped by this section of the website.

I am a firm believer that all of us from the top down need to play our part in combating climate change and helping those in need. I am fortunate enough to now be in a position where I am able to start giving back. I would invite you and your business to join me. 

Since the age of 10, my parents would routinely drag me out of bed early on a Sunday morning to plant trees on their farm (pictured bottom left) and the habit has become engrained.

Unfortunately, it is quite tough to be able to calculate exactly how much carbon my business produces every year in order to offset it so I have come up with an alternate scale which allows me to know that we are leaving things a little better than we found them. 

For the upcoming calendar year, for every job I am awarded valued at:

Up to 500 dollars - 1 tree goes into the ground

Over 1000 dollars - 3 trees go into the ground

Over 1500 dollars - 5 trees go into the ground

Over 5000 dollars - 15 trees go into the ground

Over 10000 dollars - 40 trees go into the ground

You or your business feeling generous? Contact me if you want to do more!